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Paragraph Outline

Type of paragraph: Argumentative

Topic sentence: Uniform as an essential part of student’s school life

Supporting sentences:
1. Wearing a uniform is practical
2. Wearing a uniform can encourage the student to be proud of their school
3. Wearing uniform helps the student feel equal

Concluding sentence: Wearing uniforms are necessary for students


Uniform has always been an essential part of a student’s school life and there are three reasons why students should wear uniforms.

The first reason is, wearing a uniform is practical. The student does not have to think of what to wear each day and by that, the student can save a lot of time from searching “the perfect outfit”.

The second one is, wearing a uniform can encourage the student to be proud of their school. Some schools give special badges to the uniforms to represent their identities and by wearing those uniforms, other people can tell from which school the student goes.

Lastly, wearing uniform helps the student feel equal. By wearing it, others cannot tell whether the student is rich or poor so no one will feel left behind. Thus, wearing uniforms are necessary for students.

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