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안녕하세요! I went to a Korean Folk Village once to see how the Koreans used to live back then.

When you first think about South Korea, most of you will think about K-pop and K-drama but for me, it’s the combination of both and the history. I really like learning historical things despite I almost always fell asleep during history classes. Whose fault anyway that made history class so damn boring?

Let’s go back to what I wanna write in this post: the oldies. Because of their Korean Wave (한류), the entertainment industries gain lots of popularity across Asia and other parts of the world which also lead to Korean traditional cultures become well known.

As you can guess, I mostly see and learn about the traditional cultures from historical K-dramas. To name a few: Jang Yeong-sil (장영실), Ruler: Master of the Mask (군주-가면의 주인), Gunman in Joseon (조선 총잡이), and also Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (화랑). Those are my faves btw, go check’em out after finish reading this. Haha.

I first went to a traditional Korean village because of the HI-Day Tour arranged by SKKU’s student organization “Global Student Network Help & Information Club” or HI-Club in short. The village is famously known as the Korean Folk Village or Minsok Village (한국 민속촌) located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

It’s almost like a living museum if you ask me because of the numerous replicas of traditional houses. There are also replicas of a traditional street market, restaurants, and showcases of traditional woodworking and metalworking techniques. The interesting parts are performances of traditional dances, equestrian skills, marriage ceremonies, and recreational activities. They provided all in a 245 acres place!

I didn’t take a lot of pics there but hopefully, that helped you to visualize the Folk Village~ There was also a museum that showcased more detailed version of how it looked like back in the Joseon Dynasty.

Last but not least, the performances. Sadly I only had videos for the equestrian skills and the traditional marriage ceremonies 🙁

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1 thought on “Visiting Korean Folk Village (Minsok Village)

  1. For a traditional village it is very clean (at least from your photos) and peaceful with all those trees around the building. I’m curious how those horse could run in sync so smoothly, hahaha. I personally like those traditional robe and want to try it on!


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