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Have you ever heard of UI Buddy Club before? If you haven’t, then this is the perfect place to know more. Because, this post is dedicated for this uni organization that I joined!

It’s already September and the new semester has begun. I can’t believe it’s already my third year in uni, feeling old now. 😛

I feel sorry for not posting anything for a couple of weeks; shout-out to my procrastination ability during summer! Hahaha. Despite that, I decided to join an organization called the Universitas Indonesia Buddy Club (UIBC). UIBC or UI Buddy Club (as what I like to say) was established in 2013 and it’s an organization for helping international students while studying at UI. It brings the UI students and the international students closer to know each other more and share our cultural diversities. UI Buddy Club is supervised by the International Office UI and has a lot of programs, such as buddy program, language exchange program, gathering & welcoming party, outing, movie night, and charity & cultural night.

visit their Instagram here.

It all started out of my curiosity last December when I got a broadcast message about the open recruitment, yet I didn’t apply because I felt that my English wasn’t good enough.  So I decided to set back and try to improve my English first. As it was already semester break, I applied for an English course instead and picked the Academic Writing Course because, among all of my English language skills, my writing skill was the least thing I’m good at. Well, that’s what my mom said—I needed to improve my writing as well as my speaking skills. So yeah, why not give it a try.

The placement test result went out and I got accepted into the intermediate level. Just in time after finishing the course for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels, I received a broadcast message about the new UIBC open recruitment around June! I’m not gonna lie, I was very excited and nervous at the same time yet I did apply in the end. I began to conduct a mini research for myself about what UIBC was and what did the buddy program do as well as preparing the documents for applying. One thing that made me really happy joining the writing course was I could make a good motivational letter 😛 (of course it’s not the only thing I’m happy about, in fact, this blog might have never existed!)

Around one week after submitting my documents I received an email to continue into the next phase; the interview. I was really worried because I rarely speak in English, more like I almost never speak in English! Hahaha. My only advantage for this phase was my pronunciation as I didn’t have that much Indonesian accent when pronouncing English words. Surprisingly it turned out well—of course with the help of the practice interview tests that I made— and got accepted as a buddy and got into the publication and documentation division!

We held our first meeting in the first week of August for welcoming the new members and explaining all the important details for becoming a buddy. I’m so glad to join this organization because I’ve been experiencing a lot of new things as well as improving my English along the way. I’ve made a lot of new friends from many faculties in UI and expand my connection by assisting the international students.

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First meeting with the other members!

And of course another meeting with the members of publication and documentation division! They’re all very funny and friendly~

I had to post this one! XD

Wanna know the best part of joining UI Buddy Club!? I met these amazing people and becoming close friends along the way. I couldn’t even remember how exactly we became close because it just happened like that! Hahaha 😀

Meet the squad:

I guess that’s all for now~ Because school has started, don’t forget to study and ace’em all, folks! *mini reminder for me as well*

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