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두째 날, 여런히 주루해

안녕하세요 여러분.
파띠야 예요.
오늘은 녀 난 안 바빠서.
일이 없고 보스는 여기 없어.
너무 지루해 🙁
난 그저 집에 가고싶어
그리고 자고싶어 Zzz

OK, enough Korean now. So I’ve been thinking about taking training courses. I came up with three courses: Accounting, Auto-CAD, and Coding. I’m not planning on taking them all at once, but I sure want to learn and master them all.

I’ve actually already had a grasp on all those subjects but not on a deeper level, which is why I wanna take training courses. I’ve done some researches on this matter and everything I want to know can be found online and with many free resources. But I don’t know which one to study first. Huft..

Any suggestions on this matter?

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