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안녕,친구들! 잘지내요? (Hi guys! How are you?)

I know it’s been a while and I have already finished my semester abroad. But I have a decent excuse for this… I was too busy going here and there so I didn’t have enough time to write a blog.

But if I were being honest, I was just lazy to write a blog. Hehe 😛 Despite that, I still kept tracks of my journey on a travel journal.

Tada! The front cover of my travel journal

To begin my (late) exchange story I wanna start off by introducing the campus that I went, Sungkyunkwan University. There’s already been a mini intro about the history of the campus on my previous post but you haven’t seen how the campus actually looked like. So here it goes!

left: Front Gate | right: Back Gate

SKKU is located in Jongno District (종로구) which we could also say as the face and heart of South Korea since it is where the Joseon Dynasty (대조선국) established its capital city around 600 years ago. And SKKU was their highest national educational institute around that time and up until now. They have two campuses, one in Seoul (Social Sciences Campus) and one in Suwon (Natural Sciences Campus).

I picked this campus because of its long history and hoped I could study in ancient buildings just like my mom did at Moray House Institute (now: Moray House School of Education under The University of Edinburgh) in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1994. Little did I know, SKKU’s school buildings are very modernized and fancy looking. They still have the original building but no one cannot even go inside; not fun.

These are some of the modern buildings I took in Seoul Campus. Told ya, it’s nowhere close to old fashioned buildings 🙁

Well, at least I could still spot this building near the school entrance! And don’t you just love how majestic the tree’s leaves are~ The pictures below are like transitions (bottom to top) from yellow-ish and red-ish leaf colors from Autumn to boldy tree because Winter is coming!

Old building in Seoul Campus & Ginko Tree!

Look how happy I was posing in front of the old school building 😀 I wish I could’ve gone in and studied there tho. The second pic was also me posing in front of the modern buildings. Oh I put my jacket on because it was cold that time and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Haha.


You guys won’t find it in Seoul Campus but this library is just so cool! Behold the Samsung Library in Suwon Campus. I heard that it is designed to resemble an opened book but I dunno from which angle it looks like one. Do you think it looks like an opened book?

Quick game: Can you spot me?

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4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of My Campus in Seoul, South Korea!

  1. Very cool university architecture! Must be very proud to be learning in that campus even for a short time. And the old school building… reminds me to several drama(s) and anime(s)… totally giving the traditional asian vibe. Maybe you should have tried Korean traditional robe and taking photo in front of the old school building, hahaha. I’m still dreaming to visit South Korea and this inspires me even further~

  2. I read it thoroughly:) Glad that you had fun in here!!and didnt know that Samsung library was shaped after opened book ~~~Ahh~
    See you soon


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