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Hellow my fellow readers~ Yes, I know it has been a while as you can see for yourself. Pardon my procrastinating ability 😛

Honestly, I was feeling too overwhelmed after my finals were over and the holiday was coming, so I began procrastinating things here and there. Hehe. Plus, I’m currently on a two months internship and most of the time I arrive home too tired to do something else (like writing on this blog, for example).

Well then, let’s just jump straight into my journey in West Sumatra for a week! Despite I went there ages ago; it was from 24 till 29 December 2017.

I went with the whole family by plane and already arrived at the airport at 4 AM! Even though our flight was at 7-ish AM because of delay. The worst part was I only slept less than 1 hour because I still needed to do revisions for one of my final project’s storyboard until 2 AM. It sucks as hell, seriously, worst night to spend time before going on a holiday. Ever. But, it’s all paid off after seeing the breathtaking view before take off!

Rise and Shine!

We arrived at Minangkabau International Airport after 1.5 hours of flight from Jakarta, there we went to the Lamuan Ombak Restaurant to fill in our hungry tummy *lol*. Our next destination was the Grand Mosque of West Sumatra. I wasn’t able to take a good picture of it because of the rain so I just searched this picture on Google. (Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat)

Then we moved on to Muaro Lasak Park and Padang Mountain for taking pictures and admiring their beauties. We spent most of our time at Padang Mountain as we were taking the stairs to the top before we could see the magnificent views of  Padang. It took around one hour to get there *sighs* but I wasn’t upset by the view. 🙂

After this first long journey upon arriving, we went to one of our relatives’ house in Batusangkar to spend the night. I rushed myself to the bedroom and jumped myself into the bed and passed out. Hahaha. I thought that I passed out because I couldn’t remember anything except waking up the next day and got confused why I ended up sleeping next to my sister in a single bed. 😛

On our second day, we traveled around West Sumatra by renting a bus. The first destination of our choice was a three hours trip to the peak of the hills at Lawang Adventure Park to see Maninjau Lake from afar. It was really foggy that day so we had to wait for the perfect moment to get the perfect views to capture. There was nothing much to do there because of the weather but still worth going for, I can assure you. 🙂

We continue our journey to Kelok 44. In Bahasa Indonesia, kelok means turn and it’s named that way because it consisted of 44 turns, pretty extreme, no? I honestly had no idea how long did it take for us going to the bottom to see Maninjau Lake closer. Sadly we weren’t able to spend lots of time there because we had to go to Gondariah Beach that took 3 hours to go there. So yeah, we spent the rest of the day playing on that beach! It was so much fun~ (Kelok 44) (Kelok 44)

Our main event was on the third day where we went to Carocok Beach at Painan and cross the sea to the small island near by to play some water sports! Unluckily, all the pictures that were taken that day were all gone because my cousin accidentally erased all of them. So yeah, none of those pictures survived the apocalypse 🙁

However I found a YouTube video that shows about how beautiful Carocok Beach is. I bet now you really wanna go there, hehe.

And, that’s all for nawww :)) 


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