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My Weekend Activities

In today’s entry, I wanna talk about my weekend activities. It’s not your so super productive ones but it’s still amazing that I just didn’t spend my entire weekend on my bed.

On Saturday morning I was still feeling tired, though I never actually worked overtime, I still felt tired. Hehe. I’ve been awake since 6 AM but I decided to finally got up at 8:54 AM to have breakfast. I remembered that I had a Japanese lesson at 9 AM but was lazy af. I managed to get ready and arrived at my lesson at 9:10 AM. The lesson ended at 12 PM, it was still a basic Japanese class so yeah, I still couldn’t speak Japanese. Well not yet. My father usually picked me up after my lesson, yet he was kinda late so I just used my waiting time doing my Japanese homework.

I had arrange a meet-up with a friend at 4 PM but since it’s still noon I just did some chores and yoga at home. Afterwards I took a shower before leaving the house, it was refreshing.

At the mall, I went to Uniqlo and found a nice white blouse which I ended up buying because my old white blouse wasn’t that comfortable to wear so I wanted a change. As for my friend she went the extra mile to go to the iBox store to buy a MacBook Pro, she said the nearest iBox store is at the mall near my house.

She’s currently doing her master’s degree and she needed a laptop that’s sufficient with her never ending assignments & upcoming thesis writings. Her previous one couldn’t perform well and she’s too tired for taking it to the service center over and over again which explain why she needed a new one ASAP!

We both went home around 6:30 PM after having dinner there and at night I had to test my Skype connection for my upcoming interview. Because of the heavy rain on new year’s day. Most signals and connections had been cut off and our Wi-Fi was no exception. At least my phone can still used its data plan.

After making sure that it’s all set for Tuesday, I laid down on my bed reading manga until I felt sleepy and went to bed.

On Sunday… ugh… I caught a cold! I was feeling dizzy all day and barely did anything. I stayed on bed most of the time. I did some stretching to make me feel better tho.

Since I started working, my body feels stiff most of the time. Doing yoga or stretching really helps maintaining my fitness. So I’ve been doing yoga almost everyday, even at work! I just went to the praying room which already have a carpet standby and do my yoga session there. It’s usually empty so I’m not disturbing anyone anyway. Yeay me!

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