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My Unexpected Experience

It’s been a month already and I kinda abandoned this website. Not to mention I only made one post on June! Hahaha. Right after my final exams ended I pretty much wanted to spend my time lazying around yet things got pretty unexpected.

This year’s June happened to be during Ramadhan in the Islamic calendar, so all Muslims were fasting that time. Every Ramadhan I always help my Mum to cook meals for iftars (food to be eaten after breaking our fast on that day) in the neighborhood’s Masjid. It wasn’t easy to cook during my fasting as I tend to feel hungry every time I smelled food 🙁 Yet there’s nothing I could do.

June was also the time when my sister graduated from junior high. My family got so busy about it. Starting with my sister’s graduation dress, she got so panicked about what to wear to the graduation day and made our room into a total mess! She put out all of our clothes to see if one of them fits to be used for her graduation. After spending hours of looking for the “perfect” one she decided to wear the same dress that I used two years ago for my graduation. The situation calmed down a bit, until the D-day of her graduation. It was so hectic as I needed to dress her up and my Mum put on her makeup and afterward we also need to accompany her to her graduation until final. I got so bored and tired of waiting for the ceremony to end. The most painful part for me was, not only I had to dress her up, I was also the one who drove the car all the way from home to her graduation ceremony took place then picked her up after it ended! The worst week that had ever happened to me.

Around two weeks after that, and I thought it would be the last time getting involved with her painful agenda, another miserable week hit me up like a bazooka. It was her senior high enrollment week. Going to her graduation was painful already yet her senior high enrollment week was even more dreadful. When trying to apply for the school she wanted to enroll we needed to verify her data to the appointed school. This was when things got worse, my sister’s data wasn’t registered! That’s literally unbelievable, how come, my sister—who has Indonesian nationality since she was born— has an unregistered data(?) How unimaginable was that!? Because of that, my parents had to go to the residents’ affairs office to resolved this situation. After arriving there, there were already so many people in line with most of them had the same problem; their children’s names were unregistered! It took my parents nearly three days to resolve this matter. Thank god they made it right before the closing enrollment time.

What happened during this June was really out of my mind! It felt like I wasted a lot of my precious semester break all at once 🙁

Though, on the bright side, I still have some more break until the end of August! Hopefully, there won’t be any other miserable experience like this.

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