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I haven’t written anything since my last post, it feels like it has been ages but a while. Just like any other semesters at my faculty, when the final exams are coming, tons of deadlines also await us! Not that fun, but I’m OK with it 🙂

Not long after that I got sick and could only stay in bed because I’ve been feeling restless. I’m still feeling not quite well but I don’t wanna be unproductive all days so why not I write.

Well then let’s just jump back to the topic, shall we? 😉

It all started because this year’s birthday was totally different from my previous one. Most of my birthdays were during the holiday so I almost never celebrate with my friends. Poor me. Thankfully this year, my birthday was still during the university’s semester but on the final exams week. It’s better than nothing!

My first exam was on 17 May and the subject was PPIC. It happened to be at the exact same date as my birthday! Wow, isn’t that amazing! I wasn’t expecting any surprises because we were all busy preparing for finals. Though, I still hoped that I got something from them. Hehe.

I was really relieved after finishing the first exam. It turned out well which gave me confidence for the other exams. When opening my phone, I saw an email notification from NetIC. Got curious about it so I gave it a shot to open it. Surprisingly, it was a birthday greeting email. That email really made my day. LOL. This email was definitely not the one and only surprises I got because the rest were a lot more fantastic and time-consuming!


Happy birthday Lazuardi Fattia!

NetIC FTUI congrats you on your birthday.

We hope you’ll have long life and good health 😀
Give your best contribution toNetIC together with the other teams!!
Thanks, buddy!!

The first one was right after this exam when a friend of mine asked me to accompany her to the photocopy booth at our campus. She wanted to copy some materials for the next day’s final. I didn’t have any prejudice towards her until she opened her phone suspiciously in front of me. My suspiciousness reached its peak after she began to speak so randomly and wanted to go ASAP to Starbucks at the UI’s library center (Crystal of Knowledge) with me leaving the others. After arriving there, she dragged me all over the library hall like we were weirdo not knowing this place. Then, my other two friends appeared with a birthday cake on their hand which I wasn’t expecting at all. My birthday was filled out with laughter with them and thought this is the only surprise I would get.

My next surprise happened in the second week of finals and I have just finished my Industrial Statistics exam at noon. As soon as finishing the exam, I rushed myself back to my dorm room and took a nap because I was feeling really tired. It turned out I overslept and jumped from bed to go to the bathroom because I had not done my prayer yet. Not long after, someone loudly knocked at my door that made it tremble as if there were an earthquake happening. I mumbled as reaching my door only to found my friends out there handing me a gift that they bought after the exam finished. I lost of words there. Fast forward after receiving my gift we took some photos and they went home.

Who would have thought I got a cute handbag with a pompom! LOL!! 

Finally, the last final exam has ended and we were relieved also exhausted. Then, we decided to went to eat some fruit salads. It was pretty crowded when we arrived so we ended up going to my dorm room instead. And again, I didn’t have any suspicious thought about them because they acted naturally. Suddenly one of them stood up and said she wanted to go home so I said “bye and be careful” leaving the rest of us in my dorm room (There were 4 people including me). Around 3 minutes after she disappeared, someone opened my door and sang a happy birthday song with a dozen of J.Co donuts in hands. Again, I lost of words, nothing could describe how I felt that day. I thanked them dearly as I’ve never had many surprises like these before. It was like a dream to me.

Another surprising day happened the day after when one of them messaged me to went out of my room and told me to wait there. As I waited, she approached me with something on hand and gave me that. She told me that she was sorry for giving the gift late. As the matter of fact, I didn’t mind at all because I wasn’t expecting any other gifts. Turned out, it was a really nice hijab!

Even though birthday happens each year, I have to admit that this year’s birthday was the most special and the most memorable moment in my life. At first, I thought I was only going to have one surprise only like my previous birthday but it turns out I got it multiple times!

I was really touched by them and couldn’t say a word of how much they mean to me by giving me such surprises. I can only hope that I could give them surprises as memorable as they had given to me! 😀

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