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Have you ever met your doppelganger?

I’ve met her once when I was still in junior high. She was my substitute sabeum (Taekwondo instructor); I used to join a Taekwondo club back then but decided to stop after hurting my ligament twice in uni and couldn’t walk properly for 2 months or so. But anyway, you guys should’ve seen both of us side by side, we really resembled each other except she was taller! Hahaha :’)

And the thing is, I ain’t gonna tell about my doppelganger as it’s already too outdated. I actually wanna tell about my embarrassing experience meeting my friend’s doppelganger. Wow!

This is actually a bit random because I suddenly remember this experience out of nowhere. Or not… Well, not as random as it seemed tho since I actually remembered it as I was walking through the Pondok Cina Station to the Balairung with a friend of mine after watching a movie last Sunday. I had this vivid image of what happened back then for a couple of seconds. It was like a throwback to the moment when I greeted the wrong person on my freshman year.

So yeah, I’ve been trying to recall that memory and visualize it a lil bit before writing it down. I hope this story will make your day! 😀

In high school, I have a classmate who had the same name as me, which is Lazuardi. Yes, both of us were named Lazuardi by our parents, but only the positioning was different. We were a close friend because we have known each other since the 10th grade and became classmate in the 12th grade. He was not that tall, I think around 165 cm and had chubby cheeks.

I have to admit that he was actually a unique person. His hobby was sleeping as he loved to sleep during classes especially the boring ones and when there were free classes. Despite his hobby of sleeping at school he was very smart and liked to joke around with others. His jokes were not as funny as his laugh though. *Sorry, dude*

Luckily, both of us were accepted at the same university but in different faculties, he got into the Faculty of Medicines and I got into the Faculty of Engineering. One day at night after the long wait yet painful registration process at the UI’s Balairung had ended, my other friend and I went to the bus stop near the Pondok Cina station to catch the Bikun (yellow bus) and thought that I met him there. At least, it was what I believed in.

The UI’s Balairung was still crowded that night because some of the other freshmen had not finished their registration process and some still waiting to be picked up by their parents. I have already finished the registration process and so did my friend but we were separated inside so I had to contacted her before going back together.

It was too crowded for me to find her so it took around half an hour or so only looking for her. We finally met near the exit that faced the lake. That place gave me goosebumps because it looked a lot creepier at night. We rushed ourselves to the nearest bus stop which was near the Pondok Cina Station. We wanted to head back to Kutek as soon as possible. There, at the bus stop, I saw someone that I was very familiar with and there was no way I could get wrong.

My feeling told me it was him so I wanted to say “Hi” to him. I did say it with his nickname at the end—Obi. The guy that I greeted only looked at me with a weird look on his face and asked me to repeat what I just said. I said it again “Hi Obi!” according to his request. However, he did not greet me back and once more, he gave me his weird look with a disgusted body gesture as an addition from his previous reaction. While keeping his weird face he replied,

“Who’s he? Obi? I never know him, though. His name sounds like Kyubi to me”

then laughed really hard with someone next to him; whom I believed to be his friend. I didn’t feel anything was wrong as Obi’s other nickname was Kyubi too so I decided to wait for the bus next to him. Later on, he whispered something to his friend that made me wandered a bit but decided to let it go.

Their talking lasted long enough to make my curiosity burst out that led me to asked him was something wrong with me. Even though he replied that nothing was wrong, he sounded really fishy because he ended his statement with a small laugh. His friend who had been silent long enough suddenly said to me that I greeted the wrong person. I denied it at first because I was really sure he was the Obi I had known for three years already and demanded him to confess that he’s actually Obi playing a prank on me.

He said that his friend was right, either his nickname was not Obi or have ever heard someone being called Obi before. With a bashful face, I apologized to him then said both of you really looked alike and sounded similar too. He smiled at me and said it was OK. I thought I just made his day for making him laugh that hard.

Sadly, we didn’t take the same bus so I didn’t get a chance to asked his name and told Obi about his doppelganger. Of course, this was a very embarrassing moment for me because I said it out loud with a high expectation it was him and hoping he would have responded nicely.

However, it was actually worth it because I didn’t really believe in the theory that there were seven other people that looked alike to each other until I met him and my doppelganger. Now, I wish I could meet my other doppelganger! HAHA!!

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  1. Some of my friends ever told me that they’d seen someone like me. Well, I never met one haha. Btw, the Kyubi thing reminds me to an anime.


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