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This post will cover about the typing experience I have with my Logitech K380. I’ve typed in both English and Japanese and honestly it feels great. Up until now, I’ve typed twice using this keyboard for this blog. The first one I wrote is the Logitech K380 review and the second one is my latest Japanese daily log. And this is the third post that I use the keyboard.

Using a new keyboard does takes time, especially when it’s smaller than what I’m used to. But, after spending several hours just typing on this keyboard, it become pretty enjoyable. I’m able to type on my regular speed now.

Typing in English feels fine, there’s nothing much of a different. I think it will feel the same if you’re using it in any languages as long as it’s in latin characters. However, when I change the language, for me in Japanese, everytime I “accidently” press caps lock it will automatically turn into latin characters in capital. Probably because Japanese don’t use any capitalization. I’m not so sure, but that’s what I’ve experience so far.

Other reasons why I like this keyboard are the price, form factor, and the overall design. In my opinion this keyboard is affordable with a great built quality. It’s said that the batteries can lasts up to two years.

Affordable price

This keyboard first introduced in 2015 with two colors— dark grey and blue priced in 39.99 USD. With this price point it’s really affordable. It costs less than its siblings the K480 with a built-in phone/tablet stand.

Keyboard form factor and simple design

The first difference we can see between this K380 with the K480 is that it‘s much smaller and slimmer. This makes the logitech K380 easier to take anywhere you want. If you’re a frequent traveller, you can easily slip it in your bag or if you like going to cafes or maybe you like working on your bed it’s also possible. But the compact size also has its drawbacks for some people, like the lack of home and end keys like in a full sized keyboard. This keyboard may also feel too small for those with big hands. But other than that, I think this keyboard is a solid little companion to boost your productivity.

The design is pretty sleek and modern with rounded keys. It comes in a matte plastic finish with a “logi” logo at the top of the keyboard. Even though it’s made out of plastic, the built quality is decent and the keys are stable as well.

Typing with Logitech K380

For those who type a lot, this keyboard really helps to get the job done. The rounded keys have a subtle dip in the middle, so the surface are not flat. This carefully crafted keys makes it really engaging to type all day.

The key travel is also spaced out pretty decent and the feedback from each keypress is really bouncy.

Overall, this keyboard is really amazing and for someone who changes devices often in a day, having this keyboard that supports this typical work-flow is honestly a game changer.

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