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I’m Back! Time to Blogging

When was the last time I write something on this blog? Can you believe it’s almost 9 months that I’ve been absent!?

Ever since I came back from my exchange program in South Korea, I was occupied with my undergraduate thesis writing and seminar classes. I was stressed out and couldn’t manage my life well, somehow. I constantly feel tired, unmotivated, and (maybe) depressed. I’m surprised I managed to finish my degree and graduated this year.

It’s been one and a half months after graduating and I’m still looking for a job, so wish me luck! During this time I started to put my life back in order, I couldn’t keep being like this, no?

From what I could tell, my feeling of constantly having negative emotions had to do with the room I was staying in. I’ve been away for quite a while and during my uni year I stayed away from my parents. When I came back from Korea, I decided to move back with my parents and stayed in my sister’s room.

My sister is a messy person, and I mean it. You can barely put your stuff on the desk because it’s full of her belongings. The worst part? She has two desks, both are fully occupied by her stuff.

I’m actually very sensitive to my surroundings and somehow my brain cannot function well when it’s full of unnecessary information. I think my brain process things too extra. And seeing clutter here and there make it disfunction.

You might wonder why I didn’t stay in my own room. As I said, I’ve been away for a long time and somehow it turned out into a storage room. Not an actual one but there was a lot of unsorted stuff sitting in my room.

So, after my uni stuff is finished, I decided to move into my own room and start decluttering and sorting my belongings, possessions, books, clothes, skincare, makeups, and a bunch of other things. It takes time, but I’m progressing a lot. Now, my room is neatly organized and I’ve developed a good routine.

Starting from now on, I wanna try to post an article more regularly. I wanna write mostly about learning Korean and sometimes about lifestyle like simple living.

No, I’m not a master in Korean yet. It’s just I wanna try a new method to learn it, which is by teaching. I’ve tried an online class, self-study but I dunno, I’m still trying to find a way that suits my learning style.

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