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Motivation is one of the main reasons why we do things, like take action, go to work, create goals, exercise, you name ’em . There are two types of motivation – internal (intrinsic) motivation and external (extrinsic) motivation.

Internal motivation is when you take part in activities because it’s internally fulfilling and you genuinely enjoy them. Not because you’re feeling pressured or obligated to do.

External motivation is when you take action to receive external feedbacks — recognition, compliments, promotion, or any other material advantages. This type of motivation makes people focus more on the outcome and generally not sustainable.

Because, if you solely rely on external factors, therefore, it’s outside of your control. External factors change and trying to keep up is useless over time.

However, when you’re internally motivated, you’re driven by a desire to make yourself better. You have control over the variables that decide whether you have succeeded or failed.

And when you’re internally driven to do something, you will also enjoy it and want to do more. So the cycle continues because there’s a sense of satisfaction emerge from within.

Finding Internal Motivation

Now that you know about the two types of motivations, it’s time to know more about how to motivate yourself.

Let’s learn how to find your internal motivation to bring the better version of yourself.

Here are a few things you can try that have worked well for me too.

1. Have a list for all the good stuff

Try listing the experiences and things that bring you joy. And try to do the same with what you want to achieve or your future goal.

With this, you have a general visualization of what brings happiness to you. Visualization is great to help you stay motivated and start working towards the results you’re aiming for.

person writing bucket list on book

2. Re-frame your thoughts (focus on what you feel)

Let’s say your goal is to get that summer body goal you’ve been dreaming of over and over again. You visualize yourself looking fabulous and everyone admires you. But it’s hard for you to get motivated to exercise.

That’s because you focus on what others would see. Instead of prioritizing your looks (final goal), break them down to manageable chunks (goal steps) that you can control.


  1. Every time I exercise I feel better and it helps me to be healthier.
  2. After every exercise, I feel that I’ve gained more strength. I can do more sets than before.
  3. After exercising and feel the adrenaline rush. It helps me to boost my productivity and focus time.

Keep these reminders in mind. As those metrics improve, your appearance will follow.

turned on monitoring screen

3. Don’t wait until you “feel like it”

It’s easy to say you don’t “feel like it” to exercise at a certain time.

But you know what? you don’t have to “feel like it” in order to take action. Try to implement the 5 seconds rule and just do it. Let yourself be immersed into the flow.

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4. Start a routine and try to stick to it

Once you start exercising and do it as a routine, try doing it repetitively for 30 days and review its results. If you think your exercising session is too overwhelming, try adjusting the goals.

Don’t give up on something important just because you’re not good at it yet. It’s hard to like something when you’re not good at it. As you commit to something and do it regularly, you might realize that you actually enjoy doing it.

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5. Enjoy what you do

When you are not able to enjoy your daily routine, you’re missing out on life. Enjoying what you do means following what your heart wants that makes you fulfilled.

Focus on the things that you both enjoy and do well. It’s important to feel motivated and inspired by what you do. Without them, you will most likely quit before seeing the results.

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Now that you’re able to motivate yourself, you’re able to have more productive daily routines. You can work your way in the most efficient manner. Because the solution might be as simple as channeling your motivation from the right source…

Your internal motivation.

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