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みなさん、こんにちは! ラズです~
私はロブとヘンリックと一緒に文化祭に行きました! 楽しかったよ~* 😀

I bet all of you were wondering about what I wrote up there. Hahaha. So yeah, I went to a cultural festival with my friends who are exchange students at UI, namely Rob and Henrick. The festival took place at my (ex) senior high school—61 SHS. I went there from Bekasi while they went from Depok and my school is in East Jakarta (yes, we are truly amazing!). Though they took ages to get there 🙁

Oh before we dive into the story I think I need to talk about this festival a lil bit. NASA Fest is an annual cultural event from 61 SHS. The cultures that are showcased are mostly Japanese, Chinese, English, and German (European countries in general) but I think this year’s quite different. They made a parade to perform a certain country’s unique culture! Some of them were South Korean, Indian, Italian, and American cultures.

As soon as I arrived there I accidentally met an old friend of mine and had a small talk with her. I actually wanted to talk more with her but my curiosity about the parade made me end the convo ASAP. Hehe. From all of the performance, I guess my favorite was a battle scene in ancient time. The main story was about a young boy who got punished for something he didn’t do and had to fight for his right despite getting killed by the ruler’s assassin in the end. THAT. WAS. EPIC!

Sorry for the quality :'(

At last, after watching the parade and waited for around 45 minutes those dudes showed up (safely, well yeah they should be. I ain’t gonna pay their insurances if something came up) 😛  *jk*

The suspects who came late

Our first destination was going to the Obake (haunted house). Of course, haunted house has always been the most popular attraction in many events. Because we were in the queue and it’s said it would take a long time before our turn so we decided to look around first. We went to the Japanese Cafe but it was hella crowded! The kawaii maid said we could come back later around 1 pm so we went into the Chinese booth. We took some pictures there and tried our luck by throwing a coin into a pot. We’d get a prize if we managed to do so but sadly none of us were lucky enough.

Next stop, the  European booth. That booth was basically a picture collection place with its brief histories. However, I was really amazed by one of the students’ money collection because he had a lot, bruh! I asked him whether I could take one but of course, he said no. Don’t worry fella, I also know the struggles of collecting antique money like that because I like collecting it too! 😀

I’m pretty sure that I have more collection than him, tho~

*pic will be updated later*

We finally went back to the Obake and just in time before our turn. There’s a mission to find an injection thingy that’s put somewhere inside and injected it with a red-bloody-like-liquid. When entering it, we had to say “permisi” (excuse me) really loud and *BOOM* a ghost suddenly scared us! I had to admit that those students who played the role of the ghosts were doing a great job. Even though it wasn’t that scary but they sure knew how to made you had a sudden cardiac attack. Hahaha. We searched for that stupid lil injection everywhere but it was hopeless, I even went near the emergency stretcher bed just looking for it where there were two annoying ghosts that couldn’t stop screaming. I was getting tired of looking and asked Rob and Henrick if they wanna gave up too and we decided to leave empty handed. Hahaha.

After getting out the Obake empty handed we went inside the school to see the Barongsai show. Well, it was nice :p

It’s already 1 pm but the Japanese Cafe decided to CLOSE!? And it turned into a manga workshop instead. We were seriously hungry y’know! 🙁 So, we ended up eating at McDonald’s. Hahaha.

On our way to Maccas~

P.s. For Nikuroi (61 SHS Japanese Club), next time if y’all thinking of making two or more agenda, I recommend you to set it up in different classes. It was lunch time yet the cafe decided to close!? I demand a logical explanation here!


Your Senior

*Translation: Hi all, Lazu here~ Rob, Henrick, and I went to a cultural festival. It was fun~

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2 thoughts on “Going To NASA Fest 2017

  1. So cool to have a japanase event in your old high school. When I was in high school, the big one event that I remembered only a music concert that even my friends didn’t want to attend because the performers were not so familiar for us. Anyway cool article, cool “bule”s you got there too.


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