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Heyaaa everyone! 🙂

The weather isn’t so friendly lately. Sometimes it’s too damn hot or wet, like raining all day long. However, this ain’t stopping me to accomplish what important to me is. Hehehe. I guess you can guess it from the title of this post.

You see, I’ve always dreamt of studying overseas one day, but I wasn’t sure how. And when I got into uni, I found out about this exchange program to UI’s partner universities. So, why not give it a try. I began doing some researches about it since the 4th semester after knowing about the UI Buddy Club. UIBC is like an organization that helps the international students to adapt well while studying at UI and most of them are here because of the exchange programs; either for one or two semesters. Knowing it made me want to try this one in a lifetime opportunity.

From the UI requirements that I found on their international-related-stuff website, UI students who wish to apply for the exchange program can submit an application along with the supporting documents to UI’s International Office:

  1. Recommendation letter from the faculty
  2. Latest transcripts (GPA min. 3.3 for Social Sciences and Economics and Business) and (GPA min. 3.1 for Health Sciences, Natural Sciences and Engineering)
  3. TOEFL ITP at least 550/ IELTS at least 6
  4. Motivation letter and CV

At first, I wasn’t sure when to apply because most of my subjects require group projects continuously until the 6th semester. Then, I made up my mind to apply for it when reaching the 6th semester (which is now) after I found out that the last chance to apply was in the 6th semester. Here’s my journey to obtain the supporting documents:

1. Recommendation Letter

Based on my experience, firstly, I went to my department’s administration office to make the cover letter. It took one day. Secondly, after getting the cover letter, I went to the dean’s office to ask for the recommendation letter. This spent three days. And, there you have it, the recommendation letter is done!

2. Latest Transcript

For the academic transcript, I went to the administration faculty office to issue my latest transcript and went to the bank to pay for it. I had to wait around three days before getting my transcript.


This was probably the most frightening part. Hehe. I was kinda pessimistic about achieving the minimum test score requirement because I’ve never had any TOEFL or even IELTS test before. I decided to go with TOEFL because I could receive the certificate faster than IELTS. Honestly, it felt like a gamble to me because I paid for the TOEFL test first then studied for it. I didn’t have much time because the submission deadline for the uni I wanted to apply was on the line. Thankfully, everything went well and I passed higher than the minimum requirement!

4. Motivation Letter & CV

Motivation letter and CV were not that hard to make actually. My CV was basically an overview of historical experiences in a written form that gave values for me to the recruiter. While the motivation letter was like a cover letter for my CV that states my motivation to join this program. It consisted of a brief explanation of my organizational experiences since my freshman year until now and the reason why I chose South Korea as a study destination. (You can ask me personally if you wanna see my motivation letter & CV)

I chose South Korea because of its distinctive blend of traditions and modern culture that makes it a vibrant and diverse country to explore. And from my mini research thru Google, South Korea is an excellent study destination for technically minded students, like engineering students for example. That’s why I decided to give it a try~

Thankfully, I passed the screening from the UI’s International Office and now I’m still waiting for the next phase from the university I applied to in South Korea.


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2 thoughts on “Applying For an Exchange Program to South Korea

  1. Pretty brave for me, considering the weight of group projects, but still, good luck for you! Most things I heard from people visiting South Korea and stayed for days/weeks were culture shock they experienced during their stay in the country. So again, good luck! 🙂


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