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Heyy there, have y’all read the first part of this post? Because this post is related to the previous one. So, if you haven’t read it, go check it out here.

OK, continuing from that previous one after the long and tiring screening process from UI’s International Office, I finally received an email from Sungkyunkwan University! Yup, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is the university I applied to in South Korea. One of the reasons why I choose SKKU was because it had a very long history since the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1897) as it was established in 1398 as the Joseon Dynasty’s highest educational institution. How amazing is that!?

I was really hyped up when receiving the email. It felt like my dream to study overseas would come true sooner than I expected!

As you could probably guess, the email contained some information regarding the online application that I needed to complete along with the application guide and the course catalog. I’m not sure if any of you wanna know about those requirements that I need to complete but I’m gonna lists them all anyway 😛

For the online application form, the sections that I need to fill are:
  • Personal information

    Basically all about my personal stuff, such as full name, DOB, the name of the home university, etc. The lists might differ from other universities.

  • Study plan @home university

    In my case, it includes all the necessary information about my degree option and my major at UI.

  • Study plan @SKKU

    For my exchange program at SKKU, I choose a totally different major so I filled them according to what I wish to study there. I decided to pick Business Administration as my major in SKKU because they offer a wider range of subjects taught in English and for most of them, I can transfer those credits to UI! This is the most important part if you wish to go on an exchange program and want to make credit transfer to your home university.

  • Contact information (UI & parents)

    In this section, I need to provide UI’s contact information; here, I wrote one of the International Office’s officers who manage the outbound students. And one of my family members; can be parents or legal guardian.

  • Completing the required documents

    Those required documents that I need to upload are:

  1. Copy of passport
    Don’t forget to make your passport beforehand if you have never had one.
  2. Certificate of enrolment in UI
    Form provided by the International Office.
  3. Latest academic transcript
  4. Participation agreement (form provided)
  5. Certificate of insurance
    In South Korea, in order to study there, you need to have a certificate of insurance. 
  6. Language certificate
    In SKKU, not every major need to provide a language certificate like TOEFL or IELTS. However, I needed to provide one because I picked Business Administration. 

After completing them all and submit it, again I had to wait for further information. It took almost two months before receiving the acceptance package from SKKU in my hands. The acceptance package consisted of the letter of acceptance and the certificate of admission that was sent directly from SKKU to UI. I had to pick it up at UI’s International Office.

After receiving the package, it’s time to apply the student visa to the Embassy of Republic of Korea! It wasn’t the first time I went to an embassy but this one felt different because I’d leave my country for one semester. And of course, there were more documents that I needed for applying the student visa.

  1. Passport and its copy
  2. Visa application form (D-2 form for the student visa)
  3. Certificate of Admission from the Korean university
  4. Latest academic transcript
  5. Certificate of Health (form provided)
  6. Bank Reference Letter and the copy of bank statement from your parents’ account*
    *If you’re an awardee of a scholarship program, there’s no need to include these documents

Later on, I can check the visa status on their website. I needed to make sure that it’s approved by them before picking it up. I received my passport (+ the Korean visa) a week after; my dad picked them up for me. Hehe.

Then, a week after obtaining my visa I received another email from SKKU about the online course sign-up information and the newest 2018 Fall Semester course catalog!

Next to Part 3! 🙂

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