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Disaster in the New Year

When talking about the new year what comes into mind is all the amazing annual count-down shows along with the spectacular fireworks. However, it’s not always the case. Disaster can come anytime without being invited.

I was still at work on the last day of 2019 when the rain fell real hard at 4 PM (GMT+7) in Jakarta. I was thinking of how I could get home safely if it rained like that. I was lucky enough that around 5 PM (GMT+7) the rain stopped a bit plus my dad came to rescue me (aka picked me up).

Just when we arrived home, the rain suddenly went outburst, turned into a rainstorm. The next thing I knew, the rain continued pouring non-stop. It got worse as time flies. It was really hard to get to sleep because of the storm. And on the next day, which was our first day of 2020, it flooded everywhere. The rain stopped around 9 AM (GMT+7).

Thankfully our house was okay just the power was cut off for several hours. However, it wasn’t the case for the neighboring places. I was able to take some pictures of it when going out.

Despite the devastating disaster, I found an article capturing the moments where the Indonesian could still smile brightly after this incident which is very touching. You can read and see the pictures here!

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