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It was in my second-period academic writing class when my teacher said we were going to watch a video. The video was about high-end fashion leather goods and what lies beneath them. I have watched the video before but it was still as disturbing as I remembered. Not that it was weird or something but it was because I remembered watching another video about the skinned process, which in this case, the crocodile skin. Well, the crocodile skinned process was the one that made me had goosebumps while watching the video.

This was the video I watched during the class which was taken from the PETA Asia YouTube channel.

After watching this video, we were told to make a paragraph writing with the topic about high-end fashion leather. The main idea I chose for my writing was the skinned process one. I picked this one because I want others to see the inhumanity process for making such luxurious accessories that worth thousands of dollars or more.

I won’t post the crocodile skinned process here because it’s inappropriate and disgusting.

In these industries, one of the most use high-end fashion material is the crocodile leather and the process of skinning the crocodile is inhumanity which needs to be stopped.

The most obvious reason is to save the crocodile species because around 40,000 crocodiles are killed brutally each year. The people from these industries are very greedy that they only want to gain more profit and not thinking about the suffering crocodiles.

The next reason why it needs to be stopped is, the activity of skinning the crocodile is outrageous. This process starts with slaughtering the crocodile’s neck until it bleeds and afterwards the worker will sting it using an iron stick into its back. These processes make the crocodile lose a lot of blood, nevertheless, it is still alive because they can adapt to extreme conditions quite well. After the skinning process is completed the skinned crocodile will be thrown away into a dump with the other dying-skinned crocodiles and the skins will be distributed to branded leather factories.

The picture above is how the crocodile looks before being skinned. The picture below is the crocodile skin after being skinned.

Finally, the final product is not only appealing to see but the price is also fantastic to look at and a lot of people love it. People pay thousands of dollars for such accessories, but these crocodiles on these cruel and disgusting factory farms are paying the real price. It takes two or three crocodiles to make just one handbag that can cost $50,000 or more.

Despite the fact that luxurious accessories from the crocodile leathers, the process behind it is evidence of animal abuse that can endanger them. Consequently, if this activity keeps on going, our future generations might not be able to see real crocodiles in their lives.

This is one of the examples of the final product. It looks really appealing and luxurious, doesn’t it? However, is it really necessary to kill those many crocodiles each year to satisfy our greediness?

P.S If you’re curious about the video, here’s the youtube link.

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