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Following the previous part from the interview process, the result is finally here.

I was quite anxious when I received an email from Revocommunity Corp.

To my surprise, I actually passed! and I was told to confirm RSVP for the orientation.

I was so happy that the path I take to realizing my dream to work overseas is one step closer.

I have always wanted to work overseas and I have always wanted to go to Japan too. So this opportunity is like hitting two birds with one stone. I can work in Japan in the future! Of course, this is just the beginning because I’ll be learning Japanese for a year.

I have learned Japanese before, but only self-study. Yet this company is willing to give us a proper Japanese class before we conduct an interview with Japanese companies at the end of this year.

Well, there’s nothing much I can share right now, I’ll tell you about the orientation on the next post!

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2 thoughts on “ARP2020 Results

  1. Wow!, that’s so cool to have your dreams became rreality. I think it was one example where great talent meets great opportunity! Good luck to you and your future career in Japan, Lazu.


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