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ASEAN Recruiting Project or ARP is a program designed for Engineering, Science, and IT students to learn Japanese and eventually work in Japan upon completing the study. This program is conducted by Revocommunity.

But of course, to work in Japan you need to pass the company’s selection process.

Actually this wasn’t my first time applying. Also wasn’t my first time trying to apply for a similar program like this. However, I’ve never managed to pass into the next phase 🙁 And before I realized it, it’s been almost a year that I kept reapplying. Now I finally got one!

Determination does pay off, don’t you think?

Around two weeks after I applied (for the last time), I got an email stating an invitation to join the interview process. I was really thrilled learning about this!

And the D-day finally come, which is today. My interview was scheduled at 1 PM with another 3 future classmates (hopefully) for around 30 minutes. Oh, there were 46 people that were contacted for the interview.

The interview was quite relaxed actually, I felt no pressure at all. The interview questions mainly talk about our readiness to study Japanese and commit to it. Also all about working overseas.

Because this program is aimed for final year students and fresh graduates, things related to our thesis writings were also asked.

At the end of the interview session, we were told that the final results will be emailed by the end of January. While the Japanese class will start around the first week of February.

Knowing this, I truly hope that I can pass the selection and learn Japanese for one year. Plus, working in Japan afterward!

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