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Heyaaa, I’m back with a new story!

As promised, I’m gonna update my blog after finishing the registration course. However, I didn’t put much attention on the blog because I had to finish my internship report ASAP! Okay then, let’s jump straight to the story~

The registration courses started on August 9 until August 24 and I decided to take 6 courses (18 credits)! At first, I could only fill out 3 courses because I lost the “course war”. My desired courses were already full 🙁 What a nightmare.

Then I needed to search for new courses to enroll and began scrolling the course registration website as well as the course catalog they sent me beforehand. Finding English based classes were really hard especially if you want to find those that can be transferred to your home uni. Getting freaked-out of not being able to attend any other classes, I decided to pick any classes available and guess what?! I accidentally enrolled in two classes that will be taught in Chinese! It was so messed up.  And I had to drop both of them.

Luckily, not long after that stupid accident, I found the courses I wanted (and of course it can be transferred to my home uni). Yeay! So there you have it, a mini story from me about the course registration period. 😛

OK, so after finishing the course registration, I went on completing my internship report, handed out the report, make some revisions, and received my grade! I managed to complete these tasks just before I left for South Korea.

My flight was scheduled on August 27 at 11:25 PM (GMT+7) from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and arrived at Incheon International Airport the following day at 8:30 AM (GMT+9). First thought of arriving there:

Did I just traveled all the way from Jakarta to Incheon by myself? 😮          

It was my first ever flight abroad and remembering that still felt like a dream to me. On the plane right before landing the flight attendant gave me two travel access permissions to be given at the immigration zone and before leaving the airport. 

I really liked Incheon airport because the navigation was so easy to follow and all the processes at the airport took so fast to complete. I didn’t have to wait too long to pick up my luggage. Wanna know my favorite part at the airport? I took a train all the way from terminal 2 to terminal 1. Haha. 

After getting out from the airport I bought an airport limo ticket to SKKU bus stop for ₩10,000. I mainly saw mountains and forests when the bus left Incheon for Seoul and I thought that I was in West Sumatra because the terrain was quite similar. LOL. Well not that similar tho because the road was bigger and the signs were all in Korean. 😛

It took around 90 minutes to arrive at my destination. At the bus stop the guest house representative picked me up and helped with my luggage. The awkward part was that she didn’t understand English at all and I only knew simple Korean phrases. Ah, I really hate in this kind of situation where none understood each other. Despite that, she kept talking in full speed Korean making me thought “WTF is she talking about!?”.

The only full sentence I understood from her was “인도네시아사람 좋아” (Indonesia saram joh-ah) which means ‘I like Indonesian people’; while the rests were history buried in an awkward moment of not knowing what each other was talking about.

That’s all for now. So, what do you guys think about South Korea?

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1 thought on “Applying For an Exchange Program to South Korea pt.3

  1. Selamat datang bahasa koreanya apa ya?
    Wah kakak gak dijemput di airport?
    Met explore Korea yaa….
    Kimchi menu yg slaly ada…


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