Hi, I’m Lazuardi Nurul Fattia! You can call me Lazu 😀

I first created this blog to showcase my academic writing assignments. As I blog more, I began to realize that I enjoyed writing and developed an interest in graphical design. These new passions have become the main ingredients for maintaining this blog.

I was a student at the University of Indonesia (Depok, Indonesia) majoring in Industrial Engineering started in August 2015. In Fall Semester 2018, I applied for a student exchange program and undergo my studies in Business Administration at Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, South Korea). Then I came back to the University of Indonesia and earned my Bachelor of Engineering degree in July 2019.

I like learning about cultures and languages. I also enjoy doing yoga, hand lettering, and cooking. During my spare time I like to read books/comics, watch films/K-drama, or play games.

Reach out to lazufattia(at)gmail(dot)com to connect. Or CLICK HERE.

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