About Me


Lazuardi Nurul Fattia or Lazu (stylized as LAZU) is the sole writer that runs this blog since April 2017. Lazu’s first goal was to showcase her academic writing assignments when she took the class a year before in uni. She grew up in Tembagapura, Papua, Indonesia because of her parents’ job then moved to Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

Lazu was a student of University of Indonesia (Depok, Indonesia) majoring in Industrial Engineering started in August 2015. In Fall Semester 2018, Lazu applied for a student exchange program and undergo her studies in Business Administration at Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, South Korea). She then came back to University of Indonesia and earned her Bachelor of Engineering degree in July 2019.

Her passion for story writing and the love of digital art design are the main ingredients for maintaining this blog until now. She loves telling her unique experiences and many upcoming adventures she endeavors. There will also posts about cool places to visit in South Korea and simple living topics for intermezzo.

Lazu believes mindfulness in whatever she does is the key to success – a tenet she lives out through her interest in yoga, hand lettering, reading, and cooking. She enjoys reading novels, comics, and even self-development books on her spare time. Friends and family say she’s helpful, tolerant, and observant with her surroundings.

Lazu is currently on an internship program and planning on becoming a freelance English-Indonesian (and vise-versa) translator. Reach out to lazufattia(at)gmail(dot)com to connect.

Create With Me?

Have a project in mind that you wish to execute? Such as translating document, picture editing? Let me know and let’s work this out.