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My mother has been teaching me about decluttering since I was little. She made me declutter my stuff twice a year, usually during the school break. The idea was to free up my space before the new semester started.

Decluttering itself means to let things go that no longer serves you. Removing the excess stuff you have in your home and in your life.

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People decided to declutter because of various reasons. Perhaps because of a life change like moving away or just wanna downsize the amount of stuff you have in your home.

Or maybe you find yourself overwhelmed and feel like you’re drowning from your surroundings, which was my case. I felt lost and couldn’t keep up with life, I was struggling a lot. I lived with mountains of my stuff as well as my sister’s, that’s when I felt like I needed to change things.

After decluttering most of my stuff, here are four reasons I got why it’s important:

1. Free up your space and mind

Sometimes cluttered space makes you overstimulated and can irritate the eyes and mind. If you work at home or stay at home a lot, like me, you may get easily distracted by that clutter. You’ll have the urge to start cleaning and procrastinate what you should be really doing. By keeping your space clean and tidy will definitely ease your mind too.

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2. Less stuff to manage

When trying to declutter, you will be selective about what you wanna keep around your house. It helps you to build your actual taste whether it’s in your clothing, décor, hobbies, and even food. Because why waste having the things that you know you don’t want it in your life?

When you have less stuff to manage, meaning that you need less time for cleaning the house! Think about those precious times you saved and spend it with something that matters the most.

3. Become aware of your spending habits

Of course, by selectively choosing the stuff you wanna keep, you will see where all your money went. Talk about those silly knick-knacks you bought because it was cute or maybe the trendy clothing that you wore only once.

As you declutter your home, you’ll realize how much stuff you managed to accumulate and start evaluating for future purchases more carefully. Being mindful of what you wanna buy will ultimately save you money and say no more to unnecessary things.

4. Keeping only the essential stuff in your home

Having only the essential stuff makes you have a better idea of where things are placed in your home and be able to find them more quickly and easily. And don’t forget to store them back to where you take it so others can easily find it too.

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The important part is allowing that shift in perspective—instead of accumulating things that will eventually break down or cease to exists, better to focus on the things that have lasting value, like family, friends, and memories.

So what is the biggest benefit you’ve noticed from decluttering?

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