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It has been a month that I’ve learned Japanese with ARP. Oh yeah, I promised to tell you about the orientation, right?

Well during the orientation day we were told that within one year, we’re not only gonna learn Japanese but also the business ethic. They would also provide us with interview practice and CV making in Japanese format before our real interview with the Japanese companies.

There’s also an investment fee to pay early on but knowing about all the benefits and the prospect of working in Japan in the following year surely paid off.

The next day after our orientation day, the classes start. In the first two weeks, we learned Hiragana for one week and Katakana for another week. Afterward, we had a test to see how far we acknowledge those two Japanese writing systems.

Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for. Learning Japanese for real!

I mentioned that I used three books. Two of them are for the grammarーOne in full Japanese and the other is the explanation in Indonesian. The last one is for Kanji learningーAnother Japanese writing system.

The name of those three books is Minna no Nihongo ( みんなの日本語 ).

The Grammar

The two grammar books look like this:

The left one is the translation one, full of grammar explanation. The right one is the full Japanese one, along with the exercises. Some of the words are already written in Kanji too.

This is how it looks like on the inside:


As the name already implies. This book is to make us familiar with those tons of Kanji characters. We haven’t learned Kanji in-depth yet. We’re still focusing on the grammar. But I bet it’ll get more complicated as time goes by.

The book and what’s inside, look like this:

So there you have it. Have you ever learned Japanese before? Was it hard?

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