Hi, I’m Lazuardi Nurul Fattia.

My friends call me Lazu and I found that this nickname is really cool. And when I was creating a blog, I decided to use it as this blog’s name.

LAZU is place for me to share my stories which you can also think as my writing portfolio. You can find many stories ranging from my daily activities, my student exchange experiences, up until now where I’ve just earned my degree and seeking for a job that wishfully matches my passions. I enjoy writing, going on adventures, photographing, and all the fun activities out there.

Autumn is my ultimate favorite season of all. You can probably guess by this blog’s theme where it’s full of oranges here and there with a touch of maple leaves🍁. I was so lucky to be able to experience this magnificent season while in South Korea as there’s no such season in Indonesia.

Have a good day and happy reading!

About LAZU

LAZU is very passionate about writing and wishes to pursue a career in it. She loves content writing, document and website translating, and journaling.


LAZU’s Story

This is a place where she jot down her thoughts and adventures to share it with the world. Writing is a way to cleanse her soul and mind.


Creative LAZU

LAZU has a sense of aesthetics when capturing moments and creating digital art designs. She enjoys crafting her amazing pieces.